According to WWE veteran (Exclusive), CM Punk deliberately sabotaged his AEW run. “We’re going to see him in WWE within three to four months.”

CM Punk has been terminated from AEW, yet it very well may be what he needed from the beginning. The star’s participation in AEW has come to an end, and it now appears that he has a number of options available to him. While his future isn’t clear right now, WWE veteran Dutch Mantell said that Troublemaker knew precisely exact thing he was doing when he got terminated from AEW.

Now that he is liberated from AEW, however, it appears to be quite possibly’s he could advance toward WWE. There are numerous rumors about the same, but there is no evidence to support them.

While talking on Sportskeeda’s Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell resolved the issues encompassing CM Punk leaving AEW. The veteran suggested that the star might have hindered his tenure with the company. He went on to say that Punk’s appearance in the WWE parking lot suggested that he might have always wanted to join the company.

“He was in the parking area. That seemed to be an arrangement bargain all along. He suddenly finds himself in the parking lot, where a fan takes his video. 15:21-15:32] He also stated that Punk would benefit greatly from joining the WWE.

“I suppose on the off chance that he emerges to WWE at the present time, the business would simply detonate. Presently he can be the large a**hole, CM Troublemaker, and he would be immediately finished.” [ 15:39 – 15:56] He went on to say that CM Punk knew exactly what he was doing, and that he would find it easier to leave AEW and join WWE.

“Because this benefits him significantly more than staying with AEW, he knew exactly what he was going to do. In any case, I don’t think he needs the booker’s occupation. You have to worry about everyone else’s jobs in addition to Booker’s. He just wants to worry about his stuff, CM Punk. I believe we will see him in WWE. He will appear in WWE within three to four months. 16:07 – 16:34] Given that Punk now appears to have a variety of options, it remains to be seen if this is what transpires.

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